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Galaxy for Business offers the technology you need to improve collaboration and productivity, while keeping sensitive business data secure.

Trust Samsung and SHI to get the most out of your investment.

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Benefits of Samsung Solutions through SHI

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Samsung’s broad mobile device portfolio means we can offer solutions for any business need. Innovative productivity features like Samsung DeX, the S Pen and native integration with Microsoft Office make our mobile devices powerful productivity tools. Galaxy devices work together seamlessly so you can do more effortlessly.

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Security is the guiding principle to everything we do. Knox combines a defense-grade security platform that is built into Samsung devices from the chip up, together with a comprehensive set of cloud-based solutions that enable IT to secure, deploy, and manage devices to meet their specific business needs.

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Samsung believes in open ecosystems and collaborating with industry peers to drive innovation. From a technical perspective, we provide partners and enterprises access to configuration tools and APIs to build unique, customized mobile solutions. Since we build on Android, customers have access to the world’s largest ecosystem of apps.

Galaxy tablets

Shop our favorite Galaxy tablets for business

Galaxy tablets for business offer the technology you need to improve collaboration, mobility, durability and productivity, while keeping sensitive business data secure.

Supercharge your business with Galaxy Tab S premium devices with large screens and PC-like capabilities that help your workforce do more on the go.

Wherever you work, you’re ready for the day with Galaxy Tab A. Its durable frame, robust connectivity and secure protection keep your team equipped for every task.

With customizable features and functionality to support day-to-day tasks and defense-grade security, the Galaxy Rugged series is built to support your work, no matter where or what the job demands.

galaxy tablet

Rugged devices

Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro: Made for the tough jobs

Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro helps your crew stay on task. It weathers drops, spills, and extreme heat/cold1. Its touchscreen works even if you wear wet gloves2. Its long-lasting battery is swappable, and customizable Active Key turns it into a scanner, walkie talkie, or whatever your business needs.

1These devices passed military specification (MIL-STD-810H) testing against a subset of 21 specific environmental conditions, including temperature, dust, shock/vibration, and low pressure/high altitude. Real world usage varies from the specific environmental conditions used in MIL-STD-810G testing. Samsung does not guarantee device performance in all extreme conditions.
2Water resistant in up to 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Rinse residue/dry after wet.

Galaxy XCover6 Pro: Do more, with confidence

Give your frontline team a phone that’s more than up for the job with Galaxy XCover6 Pro. For field workers and those in environments like delivery services, warehouses, law enforcement, and more, XCover6 Pro helps workers do more with less while staying productive on their feet. A durable and water-resistant design withstands drops and spills, and a moisture-resistant screen lets you work even with wet gloves on. Keep things moving with a long-lasting battery that keeps the workflow going. It’s also replaceable — simply swap it for a fresh battery and continue on. Customizable features such as hot keys empower your workers by letting them turn the phone into a scanner or a walkie-talkie.

Galaxy Books

Meet the Galaxy Book3 Series, a new way to PC

See how far a PC can take you with a new line of laptops that elevate every experience. Innovative. Intuitive. Incredible. When paired with your compatible Galaxy devices, each of these five Galaxy Books opens a world of possibilities unlike any other. And that’s only the beginning. Processors that blaze through complex tasks. Slim and light designs that keep you on the go. Large, bright screens. Dazzling, detailed graphics. And peace of mind from some of the best enterprise-level security around. Flex the new Galaxy Book3 Series and set the pace for however you design your life.

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Series

Galaxy connected experience for business

Amazing alone. Unstoppable together.

Unite your world across phone, PC, tablet, Buds and Watch. Galaxy devices work together seamlessly so you can do more effortlessly. From answering calls on your Galaxy Tab, to opening mobile apps on your Galaxy Book. Galaxy breaks down barriers for one connected experience.1

1Available functions may vary depending on device, country, region, carrier or version of One UI.

Galaxy Ecosystem

Galaxy smartphones

Shop our favorite Galaxy smartphone for business

Samsung’s range of Galaxy phones includes devices for every business, whether you need a powerful smartphone to edit documents and video conference on the go, or a durable device for scanning barcodes in the warehouse. And Samsung’s defense-grade Knox security platform works in tandem with leading EMM tools to keep your business devices, apps and data protected.

S Series

Galaxy S Series

Galaxy S Series has a legacy of pushing the boundaries of what your business can achieve with a smartphone.

Z Series

Galaxy Z Series

Expand your productivity and get business done from anywhere with our latest foldable phones.

A Series

Galaxy A Series

Galaxy A Series allows you to put more devices in the hands of your employees without breaking the budget.

Samsung Certified Renewed

Samsung Certified Renewed

A like-new phone experience with a guaranteed warranty, all while saving you money and reducing waste.

Samsung Knox

Is your device protected?

Today's borderless workers are always on and ready, no matter where they are. But with that mobility, are they ready for cyberattacks, data leaks, viruses, human error, and all sorts of new and emerging dangers?

With Knox, they are.

Knox combines a defense-grade security platform that is built into Samsung devices from the chip up, together with a comprehensive set of cloud-based solutions that enable IT to secure, deploy and manage devices to meet their specific business needs.

Samsung knox

Introducing Knox Suite

Knox Suite provides you a complete set of tools to secure, deploy and manage your enterprise’s mobile device fleet.

One license key and sign-on gives you access to:
  • Knox Platform for Enterprise
  • Knox Mobile Enrollment
  • Knox Manage
  • Knox E-FOTA
  • Knox Asset Intelligence

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