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SHI and VMware have the tools you need to realize a successful future. Time to break ground on your digital transformation.

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See VMware at the SHI Summit in NJ this June. Learn how we can help you advance your journey to a more modern workplace today. Learn more here.

Data Center Modernization

Prepare for cloud. Eliminate silos. Leverage your existing environment. With VMware’s cutting-edge technology and SHI’s visionary team of experts, you have the blueprints for a modern data center. Upgrade your infrastructure without breaking the bank.

Build Your Future

Data Center Modernization

Cloud Migration

We get it — moving to the cloud can seem daunting. But rest easy: we’re here for all the heavy lifting. With SHI and VMware helping you develop a cloud migration strategy that’s fast and seamless, the road to cloud is easier than you think.

Take the First Step

Cloud Migration

Anywhere Workspace

These days, your team could be fully remote, on site, mobile, or some combination of the above. You need the tools that will keep them productive and their endpoints connected and secure. We’ll help you construct a remote workforce environment that isn’t just a house of cards.

Break (Virtual) Ground

Anywhere Workspace

About VMware

At VMware, we believe software has the power to unlock new possibilities for people and our planet. Our software forms a digital foundation that powers the apps, services, and experiences transforming the world.

Partnership with SHI

VMware delivers cutting-edge technology that has become the industry standard for data center modernization, cloud migration, and anywhere workspace. SHI integrates these technologies into broader customer outcomes through proficiency in strategy, deployment, integration, implementation, and management.

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VMware Master Services Competencies

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Network and Security
VMware CLoud on AWS

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