Microsoft Windows 10
and O365 Training

Corporate Training Group by SHI offers training solutions to help your end users gain an understanding of how to accomplish their day-to-day work tasks by comfortably working with the latest Microsoft tools.

Windows 10

With the release of Microsoft Windows 10, bridging gaps between your organization’s work devices is now a reality. Developing a greater comprehension on how to best utilize these new capabilities better enables your workforce to: navigate the Windows 10 environment, work more efficiently with Windows apps, use Cortana and Edge, secure your devices, and learn how to properly use backup and recovery tools.

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Office 365

Whether you are writing documents or designing presentations, Microsoft O365 is an essential tool for industries of all sizes, as knowing how to unlock the potential of O365 reduces costs driven by productivity gaps. With SHI, your organization can choose from several flexible options, whether you need a high-level overview or a deep-dive into application training.

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Flexible training options:

In Person

In-person or virtual overview sessions


Self-paced eLearning courses


Subject-specific demos ranging from:

  • Outlook for Admins
  • Excel Pivot Tables
  • OneNote organization
  • Team collaboration through SharePoint
  • Storing and sharing content with OneDrive
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