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Hybrid workers need high-performance device experiences anytime, anywhere. Virtual desktop solutions (VDI) give your users the power they need in a way that’s simple to manage, secure, and suitable for a wide range of business applications.

When your workers are distributed across regions, time zones, and even continents, deploying, managing, and securing a traditional device fleet becomes an administrative nightmare. But with the right VDI solution, you can cater to hybrid teams without encumbering IT staff.

Following industry best practices and working with all the major virtual desktop technology providers, SHI’s experts are uniquely positioned to help you strategize, assess, deploy, and upgrade or migrate your desktop virtualization solution to ensure a successful implementation that meets all your business and end-user goals.

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4 first steps to easily support your hybrid workers’ needs 

Shifting from survival to success starts with ensuring both business outcomes and great employee experiences.

June 14, 2022

Meet fluctuating demands for remote work by quickly spinning up new desktops or app resources.

Hybrid employees need the flexibility to access critical data and business applications from anywhere. You need a VDI solution that matches that flexibility.

Whether leveraging on‑premise or cloud platform solutions, SHI helps define your end users and specific use cases to ensure your plans meet your unique requirements. Our experienced teams plan and deploy scalable, reliable, and secure end‑user experiences no matter where your people are or what devices they’re using. Our established partnerships with industry‑leading vendors allow us to leverage the best solutions to meet your current and future hybrid needs – while freeing your IT resources from having to manage back‑end infrastructure.

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Take advantage of a free VDI boost with Jumpstart for VMware Horizon 

SHI’s Jumpstart for VMware Horizon simplifies the process of deploying critical Anywhere Workspace solutions

March 3, 2023

Deliver desktop experiences and business applications to any device, with any OS, to any location.

With employee choice and bring‑your‑own‑device (BYOD) initiatives, you can empower users to leverage the technology that lets them be their best and most productive selves, wherever they may be.

You can customize SHI’s virtual desktop solution to meet the specific needs of your employees, allowing them to easily switch devices anywhere and at any time. With SHI, your entire hybrid workforce can unlock superior application performance and accessibility.

Leverage our global expertise and partner relationships to boost security, meet end-user requirements, maximize uptime, and ensure scalability.

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Extend computer hardware life by adopting a modern desktop 

As workforces become more remote, organizations must reevaluate how to give employees the resources they need to be successful. Supplying them with new hardware isn’t always the preferred option.

July 6, 2021

Protect data and enforce compliance with mitigative safeguards and granular controls.

As the demand for remote work increases, so does the migration to cloud-based systems. Overseeing IT asset governance, management, and security across disparate networks is a critical but tremendous effort.

SHI’s VDI solution stores data centrally, limiting the risk of data breaches and emplacing safeguards in the event an employee device is lost, stolen, or compromised.

Partnering with SHI gives you layered security against cyberthreats including platform isolation, risk detection, and multifactor authentication, alleviating the constant pressure on your IT teams to remain compliant while delivering secure end-user devices.

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VDI planning assessment 

SHI’s virtualization experts help optimize your environment with deep insight and personalized recommendations.

Modernize your processes and tools to simplify end‑user device management and delivery.

So much of the modern workplace focuses on proactively improving worker sentiment — and rightly so. But your employee experience shouldn’t strain your IT teams’ productivity.

By leveraging SHI’s virtual desktop solution and expertise, your IT teams can select, deploy, and manage an evolving VDI environment faster than ever, empowering them to dedicate more time to core business tasks. Our solution’s centralized management lets your IT teams easily patch, deploy, and configure all the virtual desktops your organization needs.

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Reduce capex and extend device lifecycles by transitioning to the cloud.

It’s imperative your IT teams maximize hardware investments while providing a superior device experience to your employees.

By leveraging desktop virtualization, you can lower costs by minimizing computing at the end user and consolidating it to your data center. Not only does SHI’s virtual desktop solution help you reduce the risks associated with maintaining physical devices for every user, but by having employees share data center resources, we also help improve overall utilization and reduce the need for additional hardware investments.

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Your organization’s digital experience and workflow accessibility underpin employees’ productivity, motivation, and buy-in

With SHI’s VDI expertise and partnerships with industry-leading providers, we deliver intuitive device experiences for all your employees.

Gain more valuable insight from SHI’s subject matter experts.

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5 new technology trends that will help make a better modern workplace 

SHI’s modern workplace experts help you avoid passing fads and invest in truly innovative EUC technology.

June 15, 2023
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How smart IT management helps you create a long-term EUC strategy 

How can you stop endless tail-chasing and start futureproofing your EUC management? SHI’s experts weigh in.

May 12, 2023
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Case Study

U.S. hospital services provider spins 2,000 VDI instances with SHI 

SHI helped our customer quickly scale VDI instances and ensure network connectivity for 2,000 Amazon WorkSpaces.

See for yourself how SHI can help solve what’s next for your hybrid workforce.

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