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Backed by 30 years of implementing Microsoft technologies, our Microsoft Teams deployment, training, and adoption services are designed to meet the unique needs of your end users and your business.

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As your trusted adviser, our experts will not only help you successfully roll out Teams licenses, but we will guide you along the path toward successfully administering an end-to-end Microsoft Teams strategy.

The only thing that’s better than implementing a platform built to drive your team’s success is working with a partner that can help you deploy and adopt that platform with ease. With SHI’s Microsoft Teams Deployment and Adoption Services, you can depend on industry experts who have served thousands of organizations like yours to help you create a Teams adoption and rollout strategy.

SHI’s Microsoft Teams Deployment, Training and Adoption Services integrate best practices for deployment, governance, and user adoption to ensure your rollout is optimized and secure for a modern collaboration experience.


Usually achieved


Technical migration and deployment


People see new features but don't know what to do with them



People use the solution on a regular basis


People change their behaviors and leverage the full solution

Our three-step approach to successfully implementing Microsoft Teams across your environment

Whether you’re migrating from another platform or deploying Teams for the first time, we will ensure a smooth deployment from start to finish. Here’s a look at how our experts help you succeed with Microsoft Teams:


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Strategize & Design

We focus on the one thing that makes all the difference: your end users. Once we develop an idea of their needs and how those align to your business, we create a prioritized roadmap to shape your Teams solutions. The foundation we lay here will support your broad vision for the workplace and the future of your business.


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Build & Migrate

Next, we guide you through the major questions and complexities you need to address to make your Microsoft Teams plans come to life. From licensing and cost-takeout, to networking, infrastructure, configuration and compliance, we prepare your organization and users to migrate to Microsoft Teams with confidence.


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Deploy & Optimize

Finally, we set you up for long-term success with the right governance, change management and end-user adoption solutions. Combat sprawl, compliance risk and poor adoption to ensure your Microsoft Teams investment pays off now and into the future so your end users can go back to being productive and focusing on what matters.

Microsoft Checklist

SHI achieves Advanced Specialization in Microsoft Teamwork

Evaluated on strict requirements and a third-party assessment, SHI solidified its position as one of the top Microsoft Modern Workplace partners with the Advanced Specialization in Microsoft Teamwork certification. This achievement underscores SHI’s commitment and success in ensuring that customers are achieving the full business value of Microsoft 365 by leveraging Microsoft engineering approved methodologies for deploying Microsoft Teams.

See how SHI is helping customers achieve full business value of M365 through success with Teams deployment.  

Training and adoption strategies for a successful Microsoft Teams deployment

Many organizations implement Teams, roll it out to their end users and stop there. To ensure proper adoption of Microsoft Teams, there needs to be ongoing training – which starts with understanding your end users.

Our proven methodology to Teams training and adoption

Moving to Microsoft Teams is much more than just a technical migration, it’s a cultural change – and any change in technology requires a change in behavior. Recognizing this, we have developed a proven 4-step methodology for a successful Teams training and adoption strategy.

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Assessing Your Requirements

  • Document the business requirements
  • Engage with stakeholders for input and buy in
  • Understand organizational objectives
  • Document and share relevant and relatable use cases
  • Identify all language requirements
  • Gather a complete list of affected locations
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Planning and Documentation

  • Set up a ‘champion group’ to support the roll-out
  • Develop relevant and accessible content
  • Create a comprehensive training plan
  • Run a pilot to identify and resolve issues
  • Build a detailed schedule
  • Create and roll-out communications to prepare employees
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Managing the Launch Process

  • Deliver a comprehensive awareness campaign
  • Ensure regular and relevant communications
  • Provide specialist IT Training to support teams
  • Deliver End-User Training across the organization
  • Develop On-Demand Training for new starters, revision and upskilling
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Empowering Your End-Users

  • Identify candidates for Power User Training
  • Deliver ongoing Deskside Support to minimize productivity losses
  • Offer one-to-one training for your VIPs
  • Deliver coaching for specific end-user needs
  • Support the delivery of ongoing Training as needs evolve

SHI's Guide to Adoption & Change Management

Too many businesses overlook the importance of a formalized Adoption and Change Management (ACM) strategy. They spend millions only to receive little value in return, perhaps assuming adoption would occur organically. (Hint: It does not.)

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Why digital transformations fail
  • Five key considerations, best practices and pitfalls around supporting technology change
  • What it takes to get buy-in that drive adoption and value across your organization

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No matter where you are in your Microsoft Teams journey, we’re committed to making your Teams deployment a success.

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