Hardware Redeployment

One of the more recognizable phrases from the golden age of bumper stickers was, “Don’t Laugh, It’s Paid For.” The same could be said about your more seasoned technology assets.

Generate cost savings and increase ROI by redeploying retired assets back into your environment with SHI’s Hardware Redeployment services!

How It Works

We make redeployment easy! First, your existing equipment is audited for functionality and security, to ensure it’s in working order and available for use by another end-user.

Next, we help get your machines ready – no matter who needs them – by offering memory and hard drive upgrades, image loading, asset tagging and more.

Then, before you know it, your old machines are ready to be used and you’re ready to order a “new” device whenever needed. And even better yet, our Hardware Redeployment specialists seamlessly manage the entire process, from the initial audit through delivery to your end-users.


  • Avoid unnecessary spending
  • Save time
  • Maintain high level of productivity
  • Increase ROI
  • Support environmentally friendly initiatives

To discover how SHI’s Hardware Redeployment services can help you save time, money and the environment, Contact us today!