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Stratascale Innovation Labs

When you’re focused on the day-to-day, it’s easy to prioritize operational excellence over disruptive innovation. Performance is solid but at the cost of agility. Now you can do both with the help of Stratascale Innovation Labs.

Part of SHI’s wholly owned Stratascale subsidiary, Innovation Labs helps enterprise organizations identify and seize opportunities to become digitally agile by using disruptive technologies and processes to support transformation and readiness that adapt to changing markets and business models.

Intelligent answers to the big questions

Is Edge right for my organization? ... How do I build a security strategy for a hybrid workforce? ... Can I reduce my cost of sale by better employing automation? ... If you’re asking these kinds of questions, you’re not alone.

We recognize most organizations can’t support a permanent innovation or research team, and if existing staff try to take on the additional responsibility, the results are often underwhelming.

Enter Stratascale Innovation Labs.

It’s like having the smartest bunch of technical and business researchers readily available on your team, but without the full-time overhead. Through Stratascale Innovation Labs, SHI provides you with access to the kinds of research and real-world wisdom most organizations only dream of, and helps you identify and adopt the right technology investments quicker, with lower costs and risks.

Stratascale Innovation Labs can help you transform your business with five key insights tailored to your individual business needs:

OEmerging Trends

Emerging Trends

Identify and profile emerging technology and business trends by untangling masses of data unstructured news articles, startup websites, venture capital financing, and more.

New Markets

New Markets

Produce insights on where and how markets are forming. Identifying use cases within key industries that are growing and those that are not, so you can maximize your technology investment.

Competitive Insights

Competitive Insights

Seek out and track industry leaders and best practices, giving you an early view into the strategies they're pursuing and products they're building.  



Provide early intelligence into disruptive companies, evaluate their maturity and momentum so you can build a plan to leverage tomorrow's winners today.



Monitor the smartest, most innovative investors and companies to understand what technologies they are betting on and why.

Three teams to get your initiative started...

Innovation Labs has three teams (Research, Technical Advisory and Customer Innovation Center) aligned with Stratascale’s five centers of excellence (Automation, Cloud Ascension, Cybersecurity, Data Intelligence, and Digital Experience).

As part of SHI’s commitment to be with you every step on your technology journey, these three teams are structured to help you from initial concept through proposing technology solutions, proving they can work for your organization’s specific needs:

Initial Concept



Our seasoned professional researchers partner with top analyst firms and venture capital organizations to identify funding and where the next big innovators are coming from. The Research team regularly publishes its finding in their Horizon Reports on a weekly basis. SHI customers are encouraged to commission Innovation Labs research projects and Horizon Briefings, which are customized dialogues between your key decision-makers and Stratascale’s subject matter experts.

Practical Application

Technical Advisory

Technical Advisory

Working in lockstep with the Research team and your internal stakeholders, Innovation Labs technical advisors take what is feasible and test it against your environment. They assess your areas of capability, including performance, future functionality, scalability, resiliency and supportability, and determine if you are ready and able to implement your desired innovation.

Proof of Concept

Customer Innovation Center

Customer Innovation Center

Where the rubber meets the road. The Customer Innovation Center (CIC) allows you to test-drive candidate solutions and technologies in a safe environment. From individual technology, overall solutions and multi-OEM architectures, the private cloud, CIC facility in New Jersey is your sandbox for Proof of Concept and Proof of Value programs.

...followed by the might of SHI

Thanks to Stratascale Innovation Labs being an integral part of SHI, moving from research and proof of concept into a live environment is seamless. Working with the Stratascale Innovation Labs and Field CTOs, the rest of the SHI procurement, implementation, configuration, training, and managed services functions can leap into action, minimizing the time from concept to reality.

And because everything is under one roof, you can be sure the solution you experienced in the Customer Innovation Center is the same – one your organization will enjoy in a production environment.