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Discover data storage solutions built on trust, affordability and ease.

Data Storage Systems

Optimized for the future of data center storage

Discover data storage solutions built on trust, affordability and ease.

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Seagate Storage Systems
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Expansions Shelves & JBOD: Versatile architecture lets you easily scale your business while optimizing cost.

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All Flash, Hybrid and Disk Arrays: Tightly integrated for maximum capacity and high performance.

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Compute and Storage Convergence Platforms: Easily scale your data systems while reducing your footprint with our versatile and feature-rich design.

Private Cloud Solutions

Unleash Cloud-like Agility with Composable Infrastructure

Deploy an easier, more efficient, elastic bare-metal cloud infrastructure with high performance and high scale at a fraction of the cost of legacy deployments and public cloud.

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Elastic Bare-Metal Clouds with Composable Solutions

To seamlessly manage scale and control costs, composable infrastructure enables simplified, efficient IT operation and accelerated application and service delivery.

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Lower TCO and Maximize Value: Seagate’s maximum-density solutions optimize value with lower TCO, flexible configurations and better cost predictability.

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Get Better Control of Your Data: Manage your own cloud enhanced with security flexibility to help protect your data without sacrificing performance.

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Scale-Up or Scale-Out with Ease: Built for modular, petabyte-scale environments, our private cloud product portfolio offers infinite scalability and a modernized experience.

Backup & Recovery Solutions

Protect Your Data with Proven Reliability

Overcome Challenging Backup Windows: Purpose built for rapid throughput, Seagate storage arrays deliver world-class performance that guarantees maximum data protection and quick rebuilds.

Scale Data Growth with Best-in-Class Value: Designed with future data growth in mind, Seagate storage arrays provide maximum value at an affordable price with scalable, user-friendly platforms.

Versatile Protection for Multi-Cloud Environments: Optimized for multi-cloud environments, Seagate data protection provides flexibility and multi-protocol support for strategic backup and recovery.

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Dramatically Reduce Your Rebuild Times

Find out how Seagate ADAPT technology offers higher levels of protection against drive failure without sacrificing performance.

Big Data Analytics and High Performance Computing Solutions

Maximize Performance: Big Data Analytics and High Performance Computing Solutions

Scale-Up or Scale-Out: Easily and affordably scale-out petabytes of storage to meet data intensive HPC workloads while maximizing capacity over time.

Proven Reliability: Expertly designed for high availability, resilience, and reliability, Seagate solutions ensure data protection and accessibility.

Lower TCO: Seagate offers the industry’s most space-efficient, high-density enterprise storage systems with the highest IOPS per dollar.

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Using AI to Boost Factory Efficiency

Seagate partners with HPE and NVIDIA to drive greater factory efficiency using AI-assisted manufacturing.

Optimizing Manufacturing Using AI

A Smart Manufacturing Architecture Overview in Collaboration with HPE and NVIDIA

Video Surveillance Solutions

The Seagate Advantage for Video Surveillance

Manage data deluge in complex surveillance environments with secure, scalable storage platforms.

High-Performance Video Surveillance: Tested and validated by leading VMS partners, our high-performance solutions support scalable, low-latency workloads.

Critical Video Data Protection: Safeguard your critical data and manage evidence-based data with secure, end-to-end user access control.

Flexible Solutions That Scale: Scale from terabytes to petabytes quickly and efficiently using accommodating nodes of any size.

Lower TCO: Seagate delivers the industry’s most space-efficient, high-density enterprise storage systems with the highest IOPS per dollar.

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Edge to Cloud Surveillance Storage

Leverage high-performing Seagate systems and devices at every stage of your data workflow.

Asset: IT4.0 Storage Framework

By implementing IT 4.0 architecture, which leverages high-performing Seagate Technology hard drives at every stage of the data workflow, security personnel improve data capture, real-time analysis, preservation and protection.


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Support Your Way

Seagate support plans to fit your needs

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Maximize Drive Performance

Enterprise data solutions optimized for in-system performance

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Seagate Data Management Features

Efficient control in both high-performance and high-capacity environments

On-Demand Webinars

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Composable Compute and Storage Infrastructure

Tame Server Sprawl and Increase Operational Efficiency

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Cloud Economics: Choices Without Compromise

Is a cloud-first strategy a cloud-nine approach?

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Data Done Right

Seagate Enterprise Systems Overview

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Let’s Rethink Data.

Put more of your business data to work—from edge to cloud.

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