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Stratascale, an SHI company, brings together the benefits of 31 years' experience delivering the very best technologies with a fresh consultative approach to designing, delivering and supporting the technology you need to transform your business. We call it Digital Agility.

It's the ability to take a consultative approach and look at the Cloud, Security, Infrastructure, DevOps, Automation and more as a holistic solution. Bringing together the brightest technologists and practitioners, using tried and tested processes, the latest technologies and putting them all to work on your most pressing challenges:



Public or Private, we'll deliver your Cloud Ascension plans

  • Architecture Design
  • Infrastructure Modernization



Overcome the limitations of traditional infrastructure

  • Infrastructure Orchestration
  • Infrastructure as Code



Transform the way your technology supports critical business needs

  • Kubernetes & Micro Services
  • Agile Practices & Tools



Realize the full power of your data by making it structured & available to all stakeholders

  • Analytics
  • Data Architecture



Address the evolving threat landscape with a holistic multi-disciplinary approach to security

  • Security Assessments
  • Zero Trust

Why did we create Stratascale?

In many ways it was you, our Enterprise customers, that created Stratascale. You told us that you're trying to deliver automation & orchestration capabilities. Attempting to wrangle sprawling data issues. Grappling with obsolete security architectures and working to integrate security as a pervasive practice in the delivery of applications.

You have ambitious ideas and vision for leveraging technology to propel the business forward but you're looking for new ways to explore solutions that can help make you more relevant and competitive in a changing world.

What you needed was fresh thinking. Digital Agility. And that's what Stratascale delivers. Stratascale has the ability to leverage SHI's vendor relationships, technical expertise and unbeatable pricing when it makes sense to do so; and to operate independently when that's in your best interests.

With you at every step

Stratascale is focused on guiding you on your journey towards true Digital Agility, our consultants and technology experts working closely with you at every step. This way your data, cloud, automation, security and software-defined initiatives are given both foundational strength and every milestone is precisely executed to your highest expectations.

Strategic Planning and Design

We've recruited the industry's best and brightest technology strategists and practitioners, giving you access to years of real-world experience to deliver:

  • Assessments and Workshops
  • POCs & POVs
  • Solution Design
  • Project Planning

Deployment and Implementation

No matter how complex your technology or business needs, Stratascale has the resources and experience to meet them:

  • Cloud Migration
  • Systems Integration
  • Infrastructure & App Modernization
  • Enterprise Risk Management

Optimization and Management

Our commitment to your success doesn't end with the delivery of the initial solution. Our experts will continue to help you evolve and optimize your business technologies.

  • Health Checks & Benchmarking
  • Managed Cloud Services
  • Change Management
  • Solution Design

Building effective and sustainable solutions


We'll help design and deliver the right infrastructure solutions for your needs – across public and private clouds, multiple cloud service providers and as many edge locations as you need.


Got legacy applications that need modernizing? No problem. Need to build cloud-native apps from scratch? We got that covered, too. We'll help you build apps and workflows tailored to your exact needs.

Workflow Optimization

You've built the infrastructure, created the apps, now let's help you make it all work together, providing users and customers with a seamless experience.

A note from David Olzak to existing SHI customers:

The pace of change over the last ten years has put an incredible strain on the technology used to support business operations, especially in larger organizations. To that end, customers have started asking SHI to become more engaged, more strategic and more intimately involved in their business, putting us in a position to better help them manage their constantly shifting priorities.

That's the key business driver behind the creation of Stratascale, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SHI that is relentlessly focused on guiding our clients on their journey to achieve true digital agility. Working with your technology leaders and business stakeholders across your organization, our real-world wisdom will help you achieve your most critical business outcomes and overcome technology obstacles.

As our primary business is not selling hardware and software, Stratascale has the ability to work either hand-in-hand with your existing SHI account team or entirely independently, as best suits your needs in each situation.

Over the coming months, you will begin to see more from the Stratascale and SHI teams about how we plan to invest in our respective relationships with all of you. By January, we plan to make contact with many of you to better understand your most ambitious plans, your toughest challenges, where you believe you will be looking to make a significant impact and how Stratascale and SHI can ensure these efforts are successful.

— David
David Olzak

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