Control your spend across the IT supply chain

Whether you’re facing budgetary challenges, juggling the needs to deliver innovation and digital transformation, operating with limited staff or ALL of the above, SHI’s cost optimization solutions can help you change the way you manage the business of IT.

Our enhanced service offerings are designed to help you optimize costs across your entire IT supply chain, from selection and deployment, through ongoing management of all types of IT assets.

Working with 15,000 partners puts SHI in the best position to not only help you find the right technology and service solutions, but to get the most amazing deals on them too.

And to do that, we’ve made things simple:

SELECT the right technologies.

Researching your options takes precious time and resources. SHI can ensure you’re efficiently deploying solutions on time and under-budget through streamlined:

IT Solution Strategy, Architecture and Design

Dedicated Field Solutions Executive and an army of expert pre-sales product and program specialists help your account team assess your current position and provide vendor-neutral technology roadmaps and proof-of-concept designs before you ever see a quote.

Volume Licensing

If you’ve got a major contract renewal or true-up looming, or are looking to switch vendors and enter into a new contract, our volume licensing experts can help! We have 30 years’ experience of getting the best possible deal for customers of all shapes and sizes.


Want the fastest, most hassle-free way to let authorized staff play a role in the procurement process? No problem! SHI’s eProcurement system optimizes your procurement process, quickly turning complex quotes from multiple vendors into easy-to-place orders with recognizable cost-savings.

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DEPLOY the best solutions.

Once your order is placed, let us manage the delivery process through our:

Configuration & Logistics Services

SHI’s Integration Centers can image, configure and ship thousands of devices – servers and racks, laptops and tablets – every single day. They’ll arrive ready to go the moment you plug them in!

ZeroTouch Program

ZeroTouch for Windows 10 ensures laptops and Surface devices can be shipped directly to end users without the need to deliver to a central location for configuration and setup. This reduces the time to deploy and overhead associated with processing and shipping.

Project Management and Staffing

SHI’s flexible Project Management and staffing services can augment your staff when you need to, and scale it back when a project is completed.

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MANAGE with ease.

Purchasing and deploying an asset is only part of the story. SHI helps customers optimize the Total Cost of Ownership associated with all types of IT assets throughout their lifecycle through:

IT Asset Management & Software Asset Management

By right-sizing software and cloud consumption contracts to managing your hardware refresh program, ITAM can reduce IT operational costs by up to 30% in the first year alone.

Lifecycle Services

Asset tagging, serial number recording and extended warranty services eliminate “shelfware” by providing insight to which assets are being used, which can be redeployed, and which might be useful for another year or two.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Manage and optimize the cost of your multi-cloud environments with SHI’s single interface solution to control cloud instances and billing for Azure and AWS.

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Ways to reduce IT spend with SHI

Thanks to our breadth of service offerings and depth of expert knowledge, there’s no shortage of ways in which SHI can help you achieve your cost optimization goals. From maintenance and renewals management to smart procurement options and right-sizing software contracts.

Download our infographic for all our best ideas in one place!

Are you ready to realize your IT goals in a cost-constrained world? Talk to your account team today about these options, and the countless other ways you can do more and spend less!