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Empower your teams to be productive, efficient and innovative, no matter where they are located or what devices they are using. From collaboration technologies to customer experience platforms, SHI delivers cost-effective solutions that maximize the ROI of your investments in the digital workplace.

83% of leaders struggle to make progress on digital transformation

Collaboration is the key to the success of digital transformation. Shift to the digital world of work with a ridiculously helpful partner. 

Build your entire Digital Workplace strategy with SHI

Equip your workforce with the latest devices, pre-configured and delivered to their doorstep. Implement effective Unified Communications and Collaboration strategies and ensure investments deliver real value with strategic consulting and organizational change management. SHI has the skills and technical solutions you need to adapt to rapidly changing market needs while keeping costs under control.

Here are just some of the ways SHI can help you realize your Digital Workplace vision:

Modern Devices and Lifecycle

From traditional desktops and laptops to mobility devices such as tablets, smartphones and personal tech to the latest in interactive whiteboards and even augmented reality, ensure your stakeholders are taking advantage of new technologies to improve workflow.

Physical Devices and Peripherals

From tablets and laptops to the latest visual solutions and even Virtual/Augmented Reality technologies, SHI can provide everything you need to facilitate effective communication and collaboration with staff and customers alike.

Contact us to discuss your device requirements or test drive the latest technology in our Customer Innovation Center.

Lifecycle Services

If quick implementation and simple management are what you need, our below lifecycle services ensure your devices are ready to go right when you receive them – and easy to manage in the short- and long-term.

Pre-Deployment Services

If you want users to be productive from the moment they power up a new device, our experts at the SHI Integration Centers make configuring and shipping hardware a seamless and effortless process. Whether it’s a single laptop or a truckload of tablets, our Integration Centers process thousands of devices every day.

Read more about Configuration Services.

Device Roll-out

Accelerate and simplify the process of large-scale device roll-outs with help from SHI’s Integration Center experts. Our staff will help you plan and execute a successful program, minimizing risk and end-user disruption, ideal for organizations with strict uptime requirements or remote workforces.

Learn more about SHI’s Integration Center services.

Device Management

SHI delivers solutions that empower organizations to support the safe use of both organization-provided and stakeholder-provided devices in multiple form-factors. With SHI, you can deploy the appropriate device for a specific use-case while at the same time simplifying the management of those devices.

Contact us for more information on Device Management solutions.

Virtual Workplace

As your users become more dispersed than ever, make sure they have access to the data and applications regardless of device type or location. SHI can help you empower your users to collaborate effectively through a comprehensive virtual workplace strategy that includes solution design, technology selection and deployment services.

Virtual Desktops

Escape the limitations of physical desktops and empower users to access all the applications and data they need with Virtual Desktop solutions from SHI. Our experts will help you select and deploy the appropriate on-premises or cloud-based virtual desktop solutions to meet your specific needs.

Learn more about Virtual Desktops.

Workflow Virtualization

Create a streamlined virtual process that guides users through only the tasks necessary to accomplish specific goals. SHI helps customers join functionality from multiple applications within their business processes by navigating multiple competing vendors offerings around virtual workflows to determine the solution that will best meet their needs.

Contact us for more information on Workflow Virtualization.

Application Virtualization

Dramatically decrease the costs associated with deploying, patching and managing remote applications by giving approved stakeholders virtual access to applications without installing them on their endpoint device. SHI consults with customers to identify the most appropriate applications and platforms for virtualization.

Contact us for more information on Application Virtualization.

Unified Communication and Collaboration

When you need to access the global labor market, enable remote working and fuel productivity, SHI can help with a range of solutions to support collaboration and team work. Keep your staff connected wherever and whenever they work.

Microsoft and Office 365

Whether you’re just starting your 365 journey or looking to optimize your use of Microsoft 365 features, SHI experts can help from licensing to implementation, adoption to user training.

Contact us for more information on Microsoft Teams or learn more about 365 Cost Optimization.

Voice and Video

From cost-effective voice conferencing to phone systems and video suites that keep your employees connected whenever and wherever, SHI makes staying connected easier than ever with our select, deploy and manage approach to solution design and delivery.

Learn more about Voice and Video Conferencing solutions.

Meetings and Collaboration

In the office, on the road or at home, SHI makes collaboration anywhere anytime a reality. SHI partners with our customers to help them create, implement and support a modern connected and collaborative workforce and workplace, wherever that may be.

Learn more about SHI's Collaboration solutions.

Customer Experience

Improve your customer experience across the board and stay ahead of your competition with omnichannel contact center and workforce management solutions from SHI.

Learn more about Omnichannel Customer Experience.

Governance and Compliance

Ensure the successful adoption of your Digital Workspace solutions by defining and incorporating formal governance and compliances processes with the help of SHI experts.


Without a well-documented and adhere-to governance process, an organization’s Digital Workspace solution will quickly become out-of-date and no longer meet the needs of the stakeholder community. SHI's consultants can help organizations define a governance process to meet their organization’s needs.

Contact us for more information.

Securing Users and User Access

Overcome the constraints of legacy technology while providing secure, anytime, anywhere access to the data needed to keep your organization fully productive.

Learn more about our Identity and Access Management offerings and Threat and Vulnerability Management solutions.

Training and Organizational Change

Help your employees thrive during change by providing training and organizational change strategies to enhance their digital competencies. SHI helps customers ensure the successful adoption of digital workplace solutions by implementing a blended training strategy with a formal organizational change process.

End-User Training

Truly drive adoption and success within your organization with a comprehensive training program that’s both customizable and scalable. SHI offers dozens of custom on-site, online and on-demand end-user training courses designed to benefit employee and organizational productivity – on all business levels.

Learn more about SHI's End-User Training.

Organizational Change

SHI has solutions to drive awareness and manage change to ensure the Digital Workspace solution is embraced by your stakeholders.

Contact us for more information.

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A Global Leader in Collaboration

Microsoft Azure Partner Logo

Certified Microsoft Partner and Microsoft Azure Expert MSP

As a long-standing strategic partner of Microsoft, SHI is Gold certified in Collaboration and Content, Communications, Messaging, Windows and Devices, and Application Development to name a few. SHI is also one of a handful of companies in the world that are both Azure Expert MSP certified and AWS MSP certified, allowing SHI to build out a set of unique end-user computing solutions running in Azure.

Cisco Partner Logo

Certified Cisco Gold Partner

SHI is a Cisco Gold partner, the highest level of certification-specific recognition. With over 2 decades of Cisco practice experience and as Cisco’s North American fastest growing reseller, SHI has the broadest range of expertise backed by specialists trained to support customers with their digital transformation in collaboration.

SHI's experts make your Digital Workplace their #1 Priority

Just a sample of the experts working to deliver effective Digital Workplace solutions for SHI customers.

Nick Garver

Senior Consultant – End User Solutions

Nick has over 16 years of IT experience, with a focus on planning and deploying Office 365 solutions. Areas of focus include consulting, designing, implementing and transitioning organizations to the Microsoft Cloud Platform. He also has significant experience in Windows Server, Exchange, Skype for Business, and cloud platforms such as Azure IaaS and M365 applications and services.

Nick Garver

Thomas Nichols

Principal Architect - Service Sales

Thomas is a Principal Solutions Architect within SHI’s Corp Microsoft Services delivery team. In addition to leading our SharePoint Services team. As a solutions architect for over a decade, he provides SharePoint and MSFT Teams planning, architectures, installations, upgrades, migrations and development.

Thomas Nichols

Customers succeed with help from SHI

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SHI Helps Pharmaceutical Giant Save $225K in iPad Refresh.

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SHI helps 20 schools roll out 1,500 Lenovo Chromebooks in support of a student one-to-one initiative.

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SHI Integration Center Hammers Out Complex Mobility Rollout for Tool Distributor

SHI images, activates and deploys thousands of Apple iPad mini devices to retail stores nationwide

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Healthcare Pioneer Suffers Mysterious Symptom After Switching Devices

SHI and Microsoft pair Surface tablets to EKG machines in 1,500 ambulances - saving millions in deployment and connectivity costs

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Some of our Digital Workplaces Partners

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