Case Study:

A New Jersey County Authority Upgrades Aging SCADA Architecture and Saves Over $800K

Customer Innovation Center serves as sandbox for testing most suitable solutions


Customer Profile

A New Jersey county utility authority.


The customer needed to modernize its aging supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) architecture, refreshing its server and storage systems.


Data Center

After testing out several solutions at SHI’s Customer Innovation Center, the customer chose VMware on Dell EMC VxRail, with Veeam for backup.


EMC vmware Veeam


  • Saved $860K
  • Simplified management and better performance
  • Reduced the physical power and cooling footprint, and eliminated bottlenecks in the customer’s SAN infrastructure

Remember the days when playing in the sandbox gave you the freedom to let your imagination run wild? Those days are still possible through SHI’s Customer Innovation Center, which allows customers to play in “the technological sandbox” while testing the solution that’s right for them.


A New Jersey county utility authority was in the process of modernizing its aging supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) architecture that manages four of its wastewater treatment sites throughout the region. Their SCADA – a control system architecture that uses computers, network data communications and graphical user interfaces for high-level process supervisory management – was nearing its 40th anniversary, which meant a refresh on its server and storage systems was a must.

The customer needed a solution that would support the county with high speed and availability, as well as offer scale and automation, by connecting the pump stations to one another while managing them from a single pane of glass.


SHI introduced the county to the SHI Customer Innovation Center – an 8,000-square-foot ‘technology sandbox’ where customers can test out new solutions to see how they would interact in their environments. SHI’s certified IT experts performed demos of various technical solutions best suited for the customer and their demanding workloads. After attending additional SHI-hosted workshops at our Executive Briefing Center, and meeting with several manufacturers, the customer fell in love with the integration of VMware on Dell EMC VxRail, with Veeam as the backup solution.


The revamp, which lasted roughly a year, offered simplified management, better performance and the ability to offer more advanced services in the future. The new solution also reduced the physical power and cooling footprint, and eliminated bottlenecks in the customer’s SAN infrastructure.

In the end, the customer saved over $860K in procurement and server costs!

Afterward, SHI helped the county implement a VMware NSX virtualization solution.