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Crucial® P2 SSD

Whether you’re at work, in the game, or on the go, ordinary bootup speeds can frustrate your best laid plans. Good thing the Crucial® P2 SSD really flies. With plenty of storage and performance accelerated by NVMe™ technology, the P2 has the speed and dependability you need to explore your computer’s potential.

Clien SSD

Client SSD

There’s a Client System for Everyone

Bring your customers the performance, agility and security they need with Micron and Crucial leading-edge client SSDs and breakthrough memory solutions. We're accelerating transactions, reducing complexity, and lowering costs so you can store more, do more and know more about your data.

Enterprise SSD

Enterprise SSD

Designed to handle the strict demands of enterprise-class applications.

Micron Enterprise SSDs deliver reliable, high performance, superior data protection and optimal endurance for supporting your enterprise infrastructure. With solutions for: Big data, virtualization, cloud storage, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and more.

Micron Memory

Micron Memory

Available for more than 50,000 systems, Crucial by Micron memory is fast, easy and dependable, compatible with OEM servers and warranties, quality-tested to server standards, and available in a variety of form factors.

Crucial ® Desktop & Laptop Memory

  • New /Old Desktop & Laptop Systems
  • Easy Installation
  • Extend System Life

Micron ® Server Memory

  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Storage
  • Big Data
  • Hyperscale Computing

Memory is the Heart of it All

Memory is essential in moving, processing, collecting and sharing data. See how Micron creates memory solutions that maximize the value of your data.

Featured Products

Client SSD

solid state drive - 500 GB - PCI Express 3.0 (NVMe)

solid state drive - 500 GB - SATA 6Gb/s

solid state drive - 240 GB - SATA 6Gb/s

solid state drive - 500 GB - PCI Express 3.0 x4

Enterprise SSD

solid state drive - 1.92 TB - SATA 6Gb/s

solid state drive - 3.84 TB - SATA 6Gb/s

Solid state drive - 3.84 TB - internal - U.2 PCIe (NVMe)

7300 PRO - solid state drive - 3.84 TB - U.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 (NVMe)


DDR4 - 4 GB - SO-DIMM 260-pin - unbuffered

DDR4 - 32 GB - DIMM 288-pin - registered

Accelerated Solutions

Accelerated Solutions

To truly realize the promise and potential of your data, you need an IT infrastructure that can handle the demands and challenges posed by large, growing and complex data sets. Micron can help — with solutions that have been architected, optimized and tuned from the storage core to the application level.

Accelerated Solutions Thumbnail
Accelerated Solutions

Micron helps you realize the potential of your data with solutions designed, optimized and tuned from the storage core to the application level.


How to Maximize your IT Budget Thumbnail
How to Maximize your IT Budget
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Crucial P2 Product Flyer
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Crucial P5 Product Flyer
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Crucial MX500 Product Flyer
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Micron 5300 Product Flyer
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Micron 7300 Product Flyer
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Micron 9300 Product Flyer
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Micron 5210 Product Flyer
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Micron Server DRAM Product Flyer
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Micron/Crucial Product Family Guide
Micron® Products and 
Your System’s Warranty Thumbnail
Micron® Products and Your System’s Warranty

About Micron

Micron brings you the quality and expertise that’s been built into new computers and servers. Whether it's an enterprise grade solution to increase your productivity, or an increase in your memory and storage capacities, Micron and Crucial have the product to meet your needs. Shop Micron 

About Micron and SHI

SHI is a Micron and Crucial reseller, authorized to sell both Micron and Crucial memory and storage solutions to businesses, government and education customers. Contact SHI 

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