Case Study:

Utility Company Saves $2.5 Million, Amps Up Productivity with Rugged Laptops

SHI recommends Dell Client Command Suite to fix technical issues


Customer Profile

Large U.S. utility company


Aging technology could no longer meet the needs of the day-to-day operations of the business, nor support the growing number of objectives required by the customer’s numerous business partners.


Data Center

SHI recommended Dell rugged laptops with free Dell Client Command Suite to help eliminate technical problems. Additionally, SHI’s Mobility Solutions Team and the Integration Center provided warehousing, kitting and deployment of 3,700 Dell rugged laptops.




  • The customer saved approximately $2.5 million.
  • The solution eliminated the need for manpower to constantly repair failing devices.
  • SHI simplified the work process in the field, thus helping the team of technicians become more efficient.


One of the nation’s fastest growing utility damage-prevention companies was due to refresh its 7,000 field devices. The rugged laptops used to perform efficient and safe underground utility discovery were aging and could no longer meet the needs of the day-to-day operations of the business.

To make matters worse, the legacy OEM could not keep up. Their next-gen laptops had trouble supporting a rapidly growing number of images, the device’s battery life suffered from being erratically charged while in the field (a necessity in this line of work) and a lack of overall customer service was turning the utility company off.

Needing these rugged laptops to deliver over 70 million safety inspections annually, this trusted and rapidly growing damage-prevention company needed a dependable solution from a partner they could trust.


SHI assessed the needs of the customer’s environment – both in the field and on the network - and weighed the options of several rugged laptop manufacturers. After a one-month evaluation by the company’s field technicians, the customer declared Dell the winner.

The field test was only one reason for the win. The Client System Management tools that came with the Dell Client Command Suite eliminated several of the customer’s technical problems. It easily stored the exponential increase in images, extended the battery life and reduced the amount of field maintenance required.

SHI’s Mobility Solutions Team and the Integration Center provided logistical support by warehousing, kitting and deploying 3,700 Dell rugged laptops as-needed in less than six months. In a second stage, the customer rolled out 1,300 more of these laptops. In the end, the customer estimated the hardware refresh saved approximately $2.5 million through increased battery life and elimination of the manpower needed to constantly prop up aging, failing laptops.

Following this project, the customer worked with SHI on a data center equipment refresh.