Networking Solutions

Striving for a secure, efficient and cost-effective network? We can put it within reach! When you work with SHI for your networking needs, you’ll benefit from:

  • A perfect blend of vendor-agnostic networking options
  • A full range of manufacturer-certified experts – from pre-sales to post-tech support
  • Access to our exclusive global network of industry-leading IT partners

SHI Networking Solutions include:

Comprehensive Network Analysis

Our Comprehensive Network Analysis will help you map out a network solution to meet your technical and business requirements through the following:

Requirement Analysis

Take a deep dive into your current network, bandwidth, security and future needs to ensure you receive the most efficient solution.

Network Proposal Management

From sharing requirements to providing status updates, we’ll manage the entire proposal process on your behalf.

Market Evaluation

We’ll define your deployment market and give insight on your network’s redundancy, SLA and optimization needs.

Hassle-Free Negotiations

Receive monthly rates and SLA/MSA terms that work for you.

Connectivity Vendor Analysis

Compare different vendors’ size, status, history, performance and more.

Telecom Expense Management

We’ll review, consolidate and make suggestions to your current bill, allowing for one simple monthly payment.

Vendor Cost Analysis

Find the solution that fits your organization’s needs without breaking the bank.

Network Design and Implementation

Blueprinting the ideal network has never been easier! With our Network Design and Implementation, we will:

  • Review your unique needs
  • Discuss your network requirements (existing or new)
  • Design a networking and topology solution
  • Plan network implementation
  • Construct a prototype network
  • Document and implement the design
  • Verify, monitor and modify project, as needed

Best Practices Remediation

Your network is an integral component of your organization – is yours the best it can be? With our Best Practices Remediation, we’ll help you:

  • Improve network configurations
  • Optimize network availability
  • Lower support costs due to a decrease in reactive support issues
  • Lower network costs due to device, circuit and user-tracking tools and processes that identify unused network components

Inventory Combining

Simple is always better! With our Inventory Combining service, you can:

  • Combine switches, routers, gateways, firewalls, management tools and more
  • Replace smaller drives in existing arrays with larger, faster drives
  • Upgrade legacy service with local disks to blades and shared storage
  • Grow storage capacities without taking up data center real estate

Our Network Assessments include:

Network Health Check

Receive thorough feedback on your network to optimize usage, improve performance or prepare for an entire refresh.

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VMware Virtual SAN Assessment

Get the most out of your virtual network by assessing your TCO and hardware, and receiving strategic business and technical recommendations.

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VMware Virtual Network Assessment

Strengthen your NSX deployment by identifying security gaps, analyzing your traffic profile and optimizing traffic.

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VMware VOA and HCA Assessments

Analyze and optimize your vSphere environment, identify and remediate issues, and compare public and private cloud costs.

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Wireless Networking Planning and Site Survey

Gain insight into your current network and prepare it for future growth with our in-depth onsite services.

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