Case Study:

Manufacturer Adds 25-Site Network Deployment to Assembly Line

SHI's Integration Center helps customer save thousands in operational costs and creates customized, streamlined process for networking refresh


Customer Profile

A world-renowned industrial manufacturer of interior finishing products, cement board, etc.


The customer was in need of a network refresh in 25 of their U.S. sites but did not have the time, space or enough IT staff to perform it.


IT Lifecycle

Utilizing the SHI Integration Center for warehousing, configuring and shipping, SHI streamlined the customer's process and deployed Cisco Catalyst switches, Cisco Aironet Wireless access points, and APC Smart UPS's for each of the 25 sites.


Cisco APC


  • Customer secured competitive long-term pricing
  • Customer saved tens of thousands of dollars in operational costs
  • Improved operations, communications and overall business structure for all 25 of their locations

When it comes to manufacturing industrial products, this customer cranks them out with ease. But modernizing network infrastructure across 25 locations? That means adding some networking expertise to the IT assembly line.


A world-renowned industrial manufacturer was in dire need of a network refresh in all 25 of their U.S. locations. But with limited IT staff and a diminishing budget, refreshing legacy Cisco technologies without disrupting business or manufacturing operations would require expert coordination and technical know-how.


After examining the customer's networking infrastructure, SHI network architects designed a plan to streamline the project and minimize business impact. They determined each manufacturing site needed new Cisco Catalyst switches, Cisco Aironet Wireless access points and APC Smart UPS equipment.

Due to its combined warehousing, configuration and logistics management, SHI's Integration Center played a key role in the project. From the Piscataway-based facility, SHI created a custom solution that allowed the customer to share data efficiently so the technicians at the Integration Center could properly configure the equipment needed at each site.

By establishing a direct VPN connection between the customer's network and the Integration Center, the customer could log in and check on progress in real-time. In addition, SHI streamlined communications between technicians, architects, sales and procurement to help the customer quickly communicate with all team members involved.

Thanks to SHI's deep knowledge of Cisco's volume purchasing programs, the customer secured competitive long-term pricing, ultimately saving tens of thousands of dollars in both operational and acquisition costs – enabling the project to remain within budget throughout the two-year refresh.

Understanding the customer's objectives while utilizing SHI's Integration Center to create a custom and transparent solution helped complete this large and geographically diverse project on time and within budget.

The network refresh gave this industrial manufacturer the latest technology to use applications as they became ready - streamlining operations, communications and overall business structure for all 25 locations for years to come.

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