Colocation Solutions

Colocation is an efficient and cost-effective way to outsource your data center without owning and maintaining the infrastructure.

By leveraging SHI’s network of over 200 colocation providers and 1,600 data center facilities worldwide, you’ll maximize your data center investment.


  • Boost cost savings
  • Improve power and network redundancy
  • Increase scalability, reliability and uptime
  • Move from "Capex" to "Opex" structure
  • Receive 24/7 support
  • Strengthen security

Comprehensive Deployment Analysis

Performed by our vendor-agnostic team of colocation experts, the Comprehensive Deployment Analysis will help you find a solution that meets both your technical and business needs. The Analysis leverages SHI’s existing relationships with colocation providers in many markets and locations, and includes:


Requirements Analysis

We evaluate your current hardware, power, network, security, compliance and disaster recovery needs to ensure you receive the most efficient solution for your unique requirements.


Market Evaluation

We define your deployment market and give insight on factors that could affect your desired data center location such as distance, government, climate and power costs.


Data Center Vendor Analysis

We help you choose the right vendor by providing a high-level comparison of data center providers based on size, status, history, performance and more.


Facility Analysis

We provide side-by-side specifications of each of the participating vendor facilities so you can easily see redundancies, history of outages, facility certifications and more.


Cost Analysis

We compare power, space, connectivity and incident costs across multiple data center providers to find the best fit for your needs and budget.


Vendor Management

We manage the proposal process on your behalf, including distributing requirements to providers, providing status updates, scheduling data center tours and more.


Hassle-Free Negotiations

Using our existing relationships, we negotiate lower monthly rates as well as colocation-specific SLA and MSA terms to ensure you get the best competitive deal possible.

Free Colocation Contracts Assessment

Ready, set, save! With SHI’s free Colocation Contract Assessment, we’ll help you analyze your current colocation contracts, discover where you’re overpaying and map out how to reduce your existing rates. With our contract negotiation engagement, you will:

  • Achieve quick savings – we typically find customers are overpaying by 25-55%
  • Keep the same services you already have with your existing provider(s)
  • Gain flexibility in your contract with existing service providers
  • Receive annual SHI rebates when existing service provider billing is routed through SHI

To learn more about what SHI’s Colocation Services can do for you, please contact us today!