Fine Print Contract Management System

Sit back, relax and let SHI simplify your software usage rights! Our web-based contract indexing system makes managing your various contracts fast, simple and cost-effective.

Fine Print organizes your agreements into one consolidated, easy-to-view format, and helps you:


Analyze Usage Rights - At a Glance

Our advanced indexing tools give you accurate and efficient access to all of your contract information, all the time.


Gain Leverage during Negotiations

We store and fully index your agreements within our online, easily accessible contract management system.


Mitigate Risk

Streamline legal reviews, and simplify or eliminate audits due to unintentional software contract violations.

And More!

How Does Fine Print Work?

Fine Print’s custom-built database organizes your agreements by separating contract text into standardized clause types. Features include:

  • Contract Repository

    Soft copies of contracts are stored in Fine Print, with easily searchable data like effective dates, buying programs and contract type.

  • Use Rights for Specific Products

    Contract language is indexed by product, providing a single view to all terms specific to a license, even if pulled from multiple agreements.

  • Searchable Text

    All text is fully searchable regardless of original agreement file format.

  • Custom Fields

    Customize what data is pulled from agreements based on your specific requirements, including cloud usage rights, acquisition and divestiture, and more.

  • Contract Terms by Business Case

    Contract terms are pulled from agreements and categorized by clause types for easy availability.

  • Clause Summaries

    Each clause can contain a high-level summary of its contents, making it easier to find and understand each contract.

  • Clause Conflict Review

    If a clause in one agreement supplements or replaces a clause in another, both are highlighted so you can easily analyze, review and interpret each.

  • Web Access

    All agreement data is stored in a secure, web-based system accessible to authorized users only.

Contact us today to learn more about how SHI’s Fine Print Contract Management system can streamline your software agreements!