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Learn why nearly 9,000 organizations like yours manage their Enterprise Agreements through SHI.

Your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) is a major commitment and it deserves the right licensing partner; one that will invest in you as a customer, proactively manage your account and provide access to the support and services you need.

If your Microsoft EA is close to renewal - and even if it's not - this page will help you understand SHI's unique approach to managing over 8,700 Enterprise Agreements, including more than 20% of the Fortune 500.

Why choose SHI?

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SHI GuideBook

SHI's 4-Step Plan to Optimize Your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Renewal

This guide, packed with advice from the ridiculously helpful Microsoft experts at SHI, will help you create and execute an effective strategy for managing your Microsoft EA renewal.

SHI's Approach to Optimized Microsoft Enterprise Agreements

There are many reasons why customers choose to renew their Microsoft Enterprise Agreements with SHI year after year. On top of perhaps the world's most experienced team of Microsoft licensing experts, our approach leaves nothing to chance and lifts the burden of managing many of the complexities off your shoulders.

Working with SHI, you can expect:

structured engagement icon

Structured Engagement

Every customer has a dedicated account team and success plan.

Expert License Advisory icon

Expert License Advisory

We'll help you make the right licensing decisions for now and the future.

deployment and adoption icon

Deployment & Adoption

Our teams will help you make the most of your Microsoft investments.

cost optimization icon

Cost Optimization

From SQL and Server licensing to 365 and Azure optimization, we'll help you run lean.

proactive renewals management icon

Proactive Renewals Management

No surprises, no last-minute scrambles. Our teams will manage the renewals process from as early as 12 months in advance.

How does SHI compare to your current Microsoft licensing partner?

With over 30 years' experience of Microsoft customer success under our belt, we know what it takes to be an effective partner. And while many Microsoft licensing providers are downsizing their Microsoft licensing and support teams, SHI is bucking the trend by introducing more resources and expertise than ever before.

What an Effective Microsoft Licensing Provider Looks Like

The Ideal Microsoft Partner

Your Reseller


Assess your current licensing entitlements & advise on impact to future requirements
Explore program and cost models to guide you through selecting the most desired outcomes
Mitigate risk of non-compliance through licensing knowledge transfer and guidance
Offer access to a network of licensing experts
Optimize cloud initiatives through extended product use rights and SA Benefits
Deliver customizable tools which provide insights to pricing and licensing
Provide guidance on navigating complex operational processes to ensure timely and accurate transactions

Feeling like you're not getting the best deal?

You're probably right.

Many organizations that use the Change of Channel Partner (COCP) to switch their Microsoft licensing to SHI tell us they felt let down by disappointing license advice, a lack of proactive account management, poorly-structured renewals processes and little training, enablement or deployment services from their former Microsoft licensing partner.

If this sounds familiar, don't despair.

At SHI, we believe you deserve more than just aggressive pricing. You should enjoy a Microsoft licensing program that is fully aligned with your business and IT objectives. That's why our customers benefit from a truly proactive approach to account management, structured renewals management processes, built-in cost optimization, complementary training and deployment services and an ever-present eye on security.

In short, we offer everything you need to make your Microsoft investment a better one.


The 5 common pitfalls of managing your Microsoft EA renewal and how to avoid them:

In just over 15 minutes, our experts will identify the five most common Microsoft Enterprise Agreement renewal pitfalls and how to avoid them, including:

  1. Waiting too long to start the process
  2. Not identifying the right stakeholders
  3. Failure to map EA to user profile
  4. Missing cost optimization opportunities
  5. Not having a post-renewal adoption strategy

Is it time for a change?

As a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement customer, you can seamlessly switch from one licensing partner to another. And contrary to what some might tell you, there's no such thing as a bad time to move your contracts, especially if you're unhappy with your current support levels.

We're so familiar with helping customers COCP their Enterprise Agreements over to us that we've built a standardized 90-day transition plan.

90-Day Enterprise Agreement Transition Plan

Introduction meeting
Asset Recovery

Month One

  • Introduce SHI team
  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Process change
  • Request MLS report
  • Review current estate
  • Establish regular touch points
Asset Recovery

Month Two

  • Schedule licensing briefing
  • Review Software Assurance (SA) benefits
  • Management & reconciliation of O365 reservations
  • Identify licensing requirements
review activations
Asset Recovery

Month Three

  • Review SA activations
  • Ongoing discussions on future projects & deployment objectives
  • Set monthly EA review calls
  • Establish reporting cadence

Need convincing? Put us to the test

If the promise of a more structured engagement plan, backed by the skills and capacity to help you make the most of your Enterprise Agreement isn't enough, put us to the test before you commit to a COCP!

For qualifying organizations, we are pleased to offer a free Enterprise Agreement consultation with our Microsoft licensing experts. We'll help you review your current agreement, license entitlements and future plans, then provide detailed guidance on what your Enterprise Agreement could look like going forward.

There are far too many additional benefits to list here, so if you'd like to learn about our Microsoft training and adoption services, integrated IT Asset Management capabilities or any of the other services SHI offers to help you optimize your investment in Microsoft and other key software partners, contact us today.

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Video Transcript: About SHI

We're SHI, and we might be the biggest name in innovative IT solutions you've never heard of.

But if you're one of the tens of thousands of the customers we already support, you know how ridiculously helpful our teams can be. Every day, we go above and beyond, helping organizations like yours to innovate, secure and streamline your IT, building next-generation data center and cloud strategies, delivering effective digital workplace solutions and securing data and IT assets.

Working with SHI is like having an extra 5,000 experts on your team focused exclusively on your success from data center solutions architects and integrations specialists, to volume licensing experts, IT asset management professionals and more.

We'll help you select the right technologies for your business, from over 15,000 partners, optimize your IT supply chain with our state-of-the-art configuration and deployment centers, and provide professional managed services that help you establish and maintain effective technology governance programs.

And with locations across the country and around the world, our experts are always where you need them most - close to you and ready to help you innovate, secure and streamline your IT.

So get to know SHI, and find out how ridiculously helpful we can be.