Case Study:

Global SAS Provider Improves Performance with Pure Storage

All-flash storage solution meets growing demands in reduced data center footprint


Customer Profile

A global leader in managed mobility solutions.


Despite having 15 global data centers, this customer experienced severe storage and performance issues due to rapid data growth.


Data Center

An SHI Storage Assessment revealed a transaction platform utilizing multiple racks in the customer’s data centers. SHI suggested replacing traditional racks with all-flash Pure Storage arrays for effortless and efficient performance.




  • Ongoing savings of at least $100K a month
  • Reduced physical footprint
  • Decreased power and cooling costs
  • Recouped soft costs in data center
  • Eliminated outages
  • Ensured easier cloning and snapshotting


As a global leader in managed mobility solutions – with as many as 15 global data centers – this organization’s rapidly-growing customer base quickly exceeded their back-end data storage limits.

The glut of data caused the company’s customer-facing transaction applications to underperform – resulting in slow response times and customer dissatisfaction.

With one of the largest, most comprehensive technology platforms running from as many as 15 data centers, how could the SAS provider expand storage capacity without breaking the bank?


During a storage assessment SHI discovered a transaction platform filling up rack after rack in the SAS provider’s data centers. To increase storage and computing power without expanding the physical footprint or raising the budget, SHI suggested replacing their traditional racks with all-flash Pure Storage arrays for effortless and efficient performance.

The customer agreed to the suggestion and purchased two //m50 arrays (40TB each) – reducing the company’s footprint, decreasing power and cooling costs, and recouping soft costs in the data center. The all-flash arrays also performed sub-millisecond latency – executing more transactions per minute, eliminating outages, and ensuring easier cloning and snapshotting.

Overall, the project took 10 months to complete and the customer now benefits from saving at least $100K a month thanks to weekly meetings with SHI and frequent assessments of their IT environment.

The SAS provider and SHI worked to replace other infrastructure with Pure Storage and built a new data center and disaster recovery site.

As a result of this project, the customer reduced the number of major manufacturers, consolidated vendors and found alternative SHI-customized ways to run their systems.